We are so lucky to have CCSF in our City!

24 Aug
The Floristry Program City College was established in the 1930’s and has been offering training opportunities for creative expression, a desire to work with a beautiful product, enjoyment of hands-on creativity, and a determination to make the most important moments in life truly special, are just a few of the reasons students choose to study floristry at City College of San Francisco. Image-13

Since it’s inception students from the Floristry Division have launched satisfying careers in the “flower industry,” giving the Environmental Horticulture and Floristry Department an impressive nationwide reputation.
In addition, the Department has a very active Student Chapter of the American Institute of Floral Designers, receiving numerous national awards for design excellence.
Our Curriculum
Image-2The Floristry Program offers a complete curriculum that maintains strong links with flower shop owners, growers, wholesalers and manufacturers, (many of whom are CCSF graduates).
The Floristry Curriculum is designed to give students a thorough well-balanced training in the buying and selling of floral products, the art of creating floral arrangements and the operating of various types of floral enterprises.

Students who complete the curriculum satisfactorily are qualified for employment as designers, salespersons and buyers in a variety of retail floral businesses. Students may earn an Associate of Science Degree (A.S.) and an Award of Achievement in Retail Floristry or design their own course work, tailored to their individual needs. A Departmental Certificate is also availalble. All of these acheivements can be earned within a 1-2 year span depending on individual schedules. Image-8

Successful graduates work in public as well as private institutions, which may include running their own floral shop, wholesaling to the retailer, or working as an independent freelance floral designer for hotels and special events. CCSF floristry graduates and alumni are in demand by such companies such as FTD, Teleflora, and 1-800-Flowers.
Program Highlights
  • Internationally recognized and honored floral design instructors
  • Excellent industry connections
  • Superb floral design facilities and equipment
  • Individualized assistance in planning a course of study
  • Degree, Major and certificate for varied interests & levels of commitment
  • A variety of Department & Community-funded scholarships for motivated students.
  • A diverse student body and positive learning environment
  • Work experience courses with strong links to employers in the community
QImage-9uote, Unquote …
“Students from City College of San Francisco receive an excellent floral education, one that stresses practical application as well as creativity. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and very active in all aspects of the floral community – they bring their skills and industry connections directly to their students”

– Derrick Vasques, AIFD, National President of the American Institute of Floral Designers

Contact: Steven W. Brown AIFD
City College of San Francisco
Environmental Horticulture/Floristry Department Chair
50 Phelan Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94112

Goodbye Bob, we wish you well…

23 Aug

Bobby_01Robert Otsuka, Executive Vice President & General Manager, and Stephen Oku, President of the California Flower Market Board of Directors, mutually announce Mr. Otsuka’s departure from the San Francisco Flower Mart after nearly 29 years of service.

With the Market’s recent merger and acquisition, to ensure a smooth transition, Mr. Otsuka has agreed to make himself available to the Board for inquiries regarding Market management functions for a period of three months. The Board is appreciative of Mr. Otsuka’s contributions to CFM and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

Any questions regarding the SFFM, please contact cfm@sfflowermart.com

The Wild Bunch: Succulents, Cacti & Fat Plants | Conservatory of Flowers

16 May

Source: The Wild Bunch: Succulents, Cacti & Fat Plants | Conservatory of Flowers

May 6 – October 16, 2016

This spring, the Conservatory of Flowers gets rough and tumble as it celebrates some of the more ornery gangs of the plant world in a new exhibition. Set amongst the rusty remnants of an old ghost town, The Wild Bunch explores the strange and dramatic world of water hoarding plants, bristling with living examples of cacti, fat plants (also known as caudiciforms) and other succulents. These fleshy, and often thorny, plants are distinguished for their ability to survive the most extreme, arid conditions, and their swollen stems and leaves come in a stunning variety of weird shapes and unexpected colors. – See more at: http://www.conservatoryofflowers.org/special-exhibits/wild-bunch-succulents-cacti-fat-plants#sthash.vYPrcVRD.dpuf

Tomorrow …

9 May

We are looking forward to tomorrow!

And this is what tomorrow will look like on our corner of 6th & Brannan and our San Francisco Flower Mart!

full-site-renderings-for-press-1-750xx1920-1080-0-0The end of 2014 we partnered with Kilroy Realty to collaborate and create a state-of-art flower market, right here on the corner of 6th & Brannan St.  Over the last year and a half we’ve been busy.  The images in this post are of some of the renderings the design committee has come up with to showcase what the flow of flowers and people might look in the very near future.

Our San Francisco Flower Mart will be the centerpiece to this mixed-use urban setting in our ever-changing SOMA neighborhood.  The project will consist of 115,000 sq ft of flower mart warehouse space large enough to accommodate all tenants of the existing flower market, 100,000 sq ft of retail space, along with 40,000 sq ft of open public space.

New MKT HallThe improved SFFM layout will include secured entry points, as well as direct access to loading and parking to better service both input and output activities. 24-foot-high ceilings and strategically placed skylights create a light and airy feel inside of the warehouse and provide enough space for a multipurpose mezzanine level along the perimeter of the market.

The specific details of the new facility will be further developed over the next several months by Kilroy Realty Corporation, San Francisco Flower Mart LLC, and a committee of Flower Mart tenants to ensure that the new market functions efficiently and effectively for businesses and customers.   So stay tuned, we’re excited!Kilroy_01

Goodbye Super Bowl 50, Hello Valentine’s Day

10 Feb

SFFM Vendor Spotlight on Brother’s Floral

Brothers_05It’s that time of years for roses!  Let us introduce one of our vendors whom especializes in roses. Meet Rigo, and his brothers, of Brothers Floral. Rigo is a first-generation Mexican American flower farmer.

Rigo started at a Bay Area rose farm was he was just 18 years old. He literally started from the ground up, working for Sakai Brothers rose farm in Richmond, CA.  At Sakai Brothers, Rigo learned all aspects of flower growing.  He ascended through the company quickly from delivering the roses to market, to working their sales floor.

In 1997, Rigo bought the business from Sakai, and opened in the San Francisco Flower Mart as Brothers Floral.
Rigo and his brothers knew roses well and started their business specializing in imported Ecuadorian roses. Brothers’ roses are known for their large blooms and bright colors. Today Brothers Floral has expanded into a variety of cut flowers and greens, with a good mix of locally grown product.

The Gonzalez brothers are big guys with big hearts.  They are quiet men, but once you get to know them, they go out of their way to help their customers, making sure that you get the highest level of quality flowers and greens. Say hello to Rigo next time your in the SFFM!


17 Jun
Our new market.

Our new market.

We are so excited about this news!  Our flower market needed a major upgrade.  We are located in the heart of SOMA, the heart of hipsterville, the center of all that is changing in our City.  So the San Francisco Flower Mart is going to change right along with our City! We have partnered with Kilroy Realty to build a new San Francisco Flower Mart, at our current location at 6th & Brannan St.


New SF Flower MartThe new San Francisco Flower Mart will include a state-of-the-art, 115,000-square-foot warehouse large enough to accommodate all of your favorite vendors of the flowermarket, with new amenities and features. The warehouse will be located on the groundfloor, of the proposed 6th & Brannan St. project, and contain 24-foot high ceilings and strategically placed skylights to provide natural light. The warehouse will be both functional and inviting – the high ceilings will provide enough space for a mezzanine that can accommodate office space for the wholesale flower vendors. New, energy and space-efficient refrigeration space will be provided adjacent to the individual vendor stalls. The specific details of the new facility will be developed by Kilroy Realty Corporation and the San Francisco Flower Mart over the next several months alongside a committee of Flower Mart tenants to ensure that the new market works for businesses and customers alike.

So stay tuned, we’re not going anywhere!

Halloween Morning @ SFFM

31 Oct

This is the fun part of working in the San Francisco Flower Mart.  When you take a walk in the market you will always trip across something new, a new color, a new variety or a new product. 

It’s Halloween!  For those of you who don’t live in San Francisco – it’s pretty much the biggest holiday of the year here.  We thought it would be fun to spotlight these “Monkey Balls” at Highlight Imports this morning.  Deidra from Rosebowl Florist in San Francisco, one of our loyal Badgeholders, bought a few bunches.  And which is typical around these parts, none of us knew the Latin name on this variety.  Everyone here refers to them as “Monkey Balls” and we’ve learned in Britain they call them “Bishop’s Balls”.  Whatever you wish to call them they are bright, textural and fun at this time of the year.

We hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!