Something about the City in the Fall…

27 Oct

Our sizzling Indian Summer days are winding down, and we are finally feeling Fall in the air with San Francisco’s chilly, crisp and clear mornings. Working in this market we take for granted the beauty we are greeted with each morning when we walk into our warehouses. We do truly have a “flower show” everyday around here. Fall is just as breathtaking as the other seasons; it seems like overnight the market floor turns to shades of oranges, browns, burgundies, branches and we can’t forget all the pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn.

SFFM has started this blog to keep you informed on all things current in our market, our industry and the City we attempt to make a little more colorful. We will also use this forum to unlock some of the mysteries of our historic San Francisco Flower Mart. And of course, load you up with all the beautiful seasonal images we enjoy year around.

Welcome and Step Into the Mart!


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