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Goodbye Super Bowl 50, Hello Valentine’s Day

10 Feb

SFFM Vendor Spotlight on Brother’s Floral

Brothers_05It’s that time of years for roses!  Let us introduce one of our vendors whom especializes in roses. Meet Rigo, and his brothers, of Brothers Floral. Rigo is a first-generation Mexican American flower farmer.

Rigo started at a Bay Area rose farm was he was just 18 years old. He literally started from the ground up, working for Sakai Brothers rose farm in Richmond, CA.  At Sakai Brothers, Rigo learned all aspects of flower growing.  He ascended through the company quickly from delivering the roses to market, to working their sales floor.

In 1997, Rigo bought the business from Sakai, and opened in the San Francisco Flower Mart as Brothers Floral.
Rigo and his brothers knew roses well and started their business specializing in imported Ecuadorian roses. Brothers’ roses are known for their large blooms and bright colors. Today Brothers Floral has expanded into a variety of cut flowers and greens, with a good mix of locally grown product.

The Gonzalez brothers are big guys with big hearts.  They are quiet men, but once you get to know them, they go out of their way to help their customers, making sure that you get the highest level of quality flowers and greens. Say hello to Rigo next time your in the SFFM!